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Amplify and engage your key leaders. Communication VIP’s seminars are high energy, interactive, and focus on small group break out sessions and discussions.

We offer classes and workshops on the following topics:

Amplify Your Communication Skills

I wish my team would learn to listen!” Sound like something you would say? We understand!
Listening is the most important of our interpersonal communication skills, yet it is often the least trained. This workshop breaks down the three dynamics of listening. Whether with a co-worker, customer, or prospective client, this topic teaches you how to improve questions and confirm understanding with key people to reduce miscommunications.

Amplify your Attitude

Boost your professionalism with an attitude expert.  Professional speaker and trainer, Vincent Ivan Phipps, suffered a near fatal car accident.  A few years later, he started his own company after 13 years in corporate America.  Within another year, he and his wife suffered the loss of their son. These traumatic life changes motivated Vincent to create strategies turning negative energy into positive solutions.  Now an award winning international speaker and entrepreneur, Vincent captivates his audiences with laughter and lessons learned to amplify personal and professional attitudes.

Amplify Your Leadership

Good leaders have good relationships. There are four common leadership styles that impact all professional and personal relationships. This topic teaches you the traits of all four styles, how to lead others based on their communication do’s and don’ts, and adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of each personality type. This topic focuses on instead of treating others the way you want to be treated, you will lead by learning how to treat other people in the way they want to be treated. 

Amplify Generational Communication

83% of conflicts such as resignations, firings, and lack of promotions, are not due to the lack of technical skills, but are due to the lack of interpersonal and people skills. Today’s professionals do not lack the desire to be more effective when communicating with others, they lack the skills. These are the skills that are not taught, but are often acquired through: mistakes, lost opportunities, and ineffective efforts to repair professional rapport and relationships. This topic identifies the key areas where miscommunication occurs between generations due to misunderstandings and inconsistent expectations. Whether with current clients, team members, or prospective customers; you will receive effective solutions to ensure you maximize revenue by amplifying your communication rapport to bridge the gap between the generations.

Amplify Your Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most common fears of today’s professionals. Yet the average professional spends about 40% of their day speaking. This topic is designed for whether you are an experienced speaker or if you still get nervous just thinking about speaking. Being nervous makes you human; being polished makes you professional. Although you may never aspire to become a professional speaker, you will be a professional who must speak. The elements preventing you from looking and sounding at your best are correctible. The dynamics negatively impacting your confidence and delivery, are the components that are also holding back your professional progressions. It may be unfair, but your intelligence, preparation, and even your competence, are all scrutinized by how well you speak in public. Get the credit you deserve as a professional by demonstrating your public speaking excellence!

Conflict Resolution

Approximately 83% conflict are not technical but personal.  Customer complaints, firings, resignations, lack of promotions, and discontinuation of services are less about the quality of the product or service and more about the lack of communication skills. This topic teaches you how to avoid conflicts and reduce defensiveness to resolve issues and establish rapport.

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