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We offer personalized coaching that is individually tailored to your goals and needs. Getting ready for a presentation? Do you wish to look more polished and confident when speaking to your colleagues?

Have a competitive edge that provides you the confidence and charisma to communicate effectively to crowds and in one on one conversations.

Who is Communication VIP Training and Coaching?
Communication VIP specializes in training to improve interpersonal communication and professional development skills.
The VIP represents what we teach, “Very Important People-skills” and “Very Important Presentations.” – Vincent Ivan

Phipps, M.A., CSP is the owner of Communication VIP. He is the author of Lead Out Loud – Keys to Unlock Your Professional Excellence. Vincent has a double master’s in leadership and Management. He has spoken in over 400
American cities and eight foreign countries. The National Speakers Association awarded him with their highest earned honor, the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional.) This international designation places Vincent in the top 12% of
the best speakers and trainers in the world.

What is Communication Coaching?
Coaching is a customized service to give today’s professionals a competitive edge. Serving as a mentor, confidant, and
training resource, your coaching experience is tailored to address your personal and professional development goals.

What is unique about coaching from Communication VIP?
Communication VIP incorporates our four-step approach we call, The CVIP Process©:

Communication – Listening first to your needs enables us to best understand your goals.
Video – Recording role-plays, speeches, and techniques ensure trackable progression.
Information – Incorporating innovative approaches and teaching tools to best address what’s needed.
Process – Customizing a plan and action-oriented steps to amplify your coaching experience.


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